URL shortening APIs added4 May 2020

A new API has been made available to shorten URL slugs of your choice on your marketplace.

  • Details are in the API documentation here.

Webhook & Event Triggers APIs added24 April 2020

New APIs have been made available to set up event triggers on your marketplace. These event triggers can be hooked to your own webhooks.

  • Details are in the API documentation here.

PageSize limitation to 50025 February 2020

To improve the speed and efficiency of our APIs, the maximum value of pageSize has been limited to 500.

  • More details here.
  • It is advised to use extra filters when doing searches.
  • If the intention is to get 100% of Records, where the number of Records exceed 500, combine pageSize with pageNumber and do a couple of API calls.

Item Creation API25 February 2020

Both Admin and Merchant can use this API:

  • Item Create
  • The Admin can create items on behalf of other merchants.

Transaction History APIs7 February 2020

Added time filtering query parameters to:

Item Search APIs6 February 2020

Added sorting query parameters to:

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